How to Use a Blow Dryer – Tips and Tricks

You can’t always go the salon to get that professional blowout look. But good news, we’re going to share to you how to use a blow dryer with tips and tricks that you can do yourself that will make your hair just as beautiful.

First thing’s first, before you pick up your hair dryer, there are some things that you must keep in mind. You’re going to have to dry your hair just enough to remove excess water that’s dripping by toweling it off gently. Through this, you’ll be able to save not only time and effort but also your hair from too much heat exposure. Don’t rub the towel on your hair, though, for you don’t want any split ends and frizz that can be caused by the friction. Just wrap your hair with the towel and squeeze the water out, for short hair, just gently rub in circular motions. Another thing is to keep your hair protected by using a heat protectant. Also, if you are looking for a good site for hair dryers reviews or hair care go to for more info.


For Pixie Cut

To add a little oomph to your cute pixie cut, you can give it more volume; body; and bounce that will last till the end of the day by blow drying it against your hair’s natural fall, while applying volumizing mousse through your hair in walnut sizes all throughout blow drying.
Should your hair tend to remain flat after styling, you can warm your hair from the roots to the ends and clip it as you let it cool to make the style set. Then carefully remove the clips after.


For Bob Haircut

Achieve that beautifully voluminous silky-smooth bob by pulling your hair inward over a round brush as you blow dry it with a 90-degree angle from the roots to the ends. It will effectively turn your hair under, forming a curl that frames your face, which makes for a simple yet elegant look.


For Long Layered Hair

Blow drying long hair requires patience and perseverance, but it’ll be all worth it for that gorgeously silky-smooth results after. Distribute styling mousse all over your hair before parting it into sections and spray each section with a heat protectant. Blow dry your hair at a 90-degree angle, while brushing with a paddle brush from underneath your hair, starting from the roots, pulling inward.


For Curly Hair

The diffuser attachment, especially one that is concave in the middle is the best to use for blow drying curly hair. It’s effective in creating soft, fuzz-free curls, while it allows the curls to rest inside and take a natural shape. Place it at the roots, starting at your nape as you gently hold the ends of your hair away from the blow dryer, so they’ll dry naturally. This prevents the ends, which tend to be dehydrated, from getting frizzy. Proceed all around the roots until it’s all dried. To add fullness, you can spread pomade to your hair evenly as though you’re sweeping your hair in a ponytail, but also make sure to break up gel crunchiness after by running your hands from your hairline to the ends, and then massage your roots.

One last tip before this article ends, always let your hair cool to let the style set with shine and prevent dryness after exposure to heat. There is a feature specifically made for that in your hair dryer, which is the cool shot.

Keep in mind and practice these tips and tricks, and it will be almost like you’ve gone to the salon when you’ve just gone DIY.