About Us

Our assignment will be to highlight beverages and foods which can be conventional or native to unique locations around the world—and tell readers where to locate them. In this circumstance, “different foods” additionally contains those which are grown, sourced, or made, as waters, local lands, and climates are additionally linked to local foods, customs, and whoever is have them. Everything is covered by our umbrella from “typical foods” to regional beers that are handcrafted.

We should help these really genuine eats is found by fellow travelers, but we’re additionally interested in culinary preservation, tracking down those more esoteric dishes offering a peek of a city’s previous life—our short on-the-ground foray into food anthropology. Therefore, Philadelphia isn’t only cheesesteaks; it’s additionally fried oysters with chicken salad, a popular 18th century lunch in the city’s pubs. And an Aztec delicacy, escamoles, are equally as crucial that you Mexico City’s gastronomy as tacos al pastor.

By observing and identifying these unique local foods—which, consequently, observes and supports their sustenance, their ethnic customs, and the local folks —we expect to encourage others to seek them out.

And though MILLIMETERS revolves around food, not eateries, we consistently say where to locate beverages and the foods we feature. Road sellers, bakeries, holes in the wall, high end eateries: if the food speaks to the place where it’s located MM doesn’t discriminate.

Eventually, we advocate where to remain—after all sleep, like eating, is critical to any excursion.

We encourage all users to become involved in two ways:

By uploading pictures of beverages and different regional foods all over the world. We aim to create a database that is truly world-wide, and we want your help to achieve this!
Memories to share online by composing stories. Understand that narratives about food frequently carry the most sense of place, and we should learn all about the world’s culinary customs.
(Participation is free; to be able to do either, you only need to sign up.)